Who has access to MLA Commons?

Most of the material on MLA Commons is public and can be read by anyone. Only MLA members, however, can join private groups, participate in discussions, and publish on blogs.

To join the MLA, visit our Web site. Annual dues for regular members start at $28; graduate student dues are $23.

What are my copyright responsibilities on MLA Commons?

We hope you’ll take advantage of the site to share and discuss material with your colleagues. When you post content to the site, you are responsible for that content, as discussed in more detail in the Humanities Commons Terms of Service. Uploading material to which you don’t have the rights is a violation of our terms. If you are depositing an image, data set, or other item to our CORE repository, you must be the author or creator of that deposit. You can define the copyright restrictions on your CORE deposits by assigning a Creative Commons license to it in the upload form.

Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Guidelines for Participation

Together with the MLA Commons Privacy Statement and the MLA Commons Guidelines for Participation, the MLA Commons Terms of Service (“Terms”) constitute the sole agreement between you and the MLA governing your use of MLA Commons (“MLA Commons” or the “Site”), including but not limited to your use of blogs, forums, groups, shared files, publications, and other services hosted on the Site.  If you do not agree to the Terms, you are not authorized to use the Site.  By using the Site, you confirm you have read, understand, and agree to the Terms.