Joining and Leaving Groups

In order to look at the groups you already belong to, click on Groups in the main menu.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 5.19.55 PM

Here you’ll find your Groups Directory, which contains three tabs: All GroupsMy Groups and Create a Group.

Click on My Groups tab to see all the groups you are a part of. 2017-02-01 17-21-52

Finding Groups to Join

If you click on MLA Groups tab, you’ll see a list of all the groups on the Commons. This provides a way to find new groups that you might want to join. For many groups, you’ll see a Join Group button to the right of its name in the list. You’ll also see this button at the top of the group’s home page, which you can access by simply clicking on the group name when it appears in your All Groups or My Groups list.

If a group is private, you’ll see a Request Membership button instead. If you click that, your request will be sent to the group’s administrators, who will decide whether you meet the requirements for membership.

Leaving Groups

To leave groups, you can either go back to your list of groups by clicking My Groups and click the Leave Group button to the right of the group name, or you can go to the group’s home page and click Leave Group at the top left corner.